biolitec® in Urology

Minimally invasive laser therapy

LIFE of benign prostatic hyperplasia

TULA® of reoccurring bladder tumors

FLA of prostate tumors

New approaches


The knowledge that tissue can be vaporized using laser radiation is not new. However, when treating benign prostatic hyperplasia with the fiber optic cable developed in-house by biolitec® treating doctors experience a new dimension of precision.

Thanks to the new TWISTER® fiber, the contact properties of the laser beam are optimized, and the vaporization of prostate tissue takes place even more precisely.

Doctors commend the specially curved shape of the fiber and the contact mode of operation. This ensures that power losses and potential signs of wear in the fiber, for example owing to the effect of heat, are completely eliminated.

The high absorption of the laser radiation both in hemoglobin and in water prevents the bladder or other adjacent regions from being damaged. High precision, low risks of injury and fast healing make the fiber a convincing option.