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LIFE of benign prostatic hyperplasia

A life worth living - A 70 years old patient shares his experience with laser therapy LIFE

Up until a few years ago, an enlarged prostate was the silent companion of older men. Surgery is not a problem, but the side effects, e.g. incontinence, do represent a problem. Then came the LIFE laser procedure from biolitec®. For low-pain and comfortable treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, the right laser and an expert medical team are all that is needed, as proven by a recent case from Cairo.

A 70-year old man suffered from the typical symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It was found that the patient's prostate had grown to the size of an orange.

The modern Ceralas® HPD Dual-Laser with the TWISTER®  fiber freed the patient from his discomfort. The restrictions on his everyday activities, caused by the enlarged prostate, a weakened urine flow and an extended bladder-emptying time, were suddenly no longer an issue.

The whole procedure took two hours, with virtually no bleeding. The postoperative phase went smoothly and the patient could be discharged from the clinic the very next day; the catheter was removed after 48 hours.

Conclusion: With the  LIFE prostate laser system, life is worth living again.