Advantages of LIFE


Many men would rather suffer than go to the doctor. Although the medicine has many remedies. Thanks to the innovative LIFE laser procedure from biolitec® , this can be fast, gentle and uncomplicated.


Gentle operation

  • The problematic tissue is vaporized in a controlled manner.
  • Deeper tissue remains unaffected.
  • The surgery is minimally invasive, i.e. completely without incisions.
  • Short catheter time.
  • Short hospital stay.
  • Ideal for patients taking blood-thinning medication.
  • No blood transfusion needed.
  • Ideal control of undesirable bleeding.
  • Avoidance of retrograde ejaculation.

Your wellbeing

  • Gentle anesthetic methods possible.
  • Little stress on the circulation.
  • Complication rate much lower than after a conventional operation.
  • In most cases no effects on sex drive and continence.


 Targeted sample-taking for a biopsy (test for cancer) possible.